Hey everyone! Are you surprised to see us back with an update so soon? Well lucky you, we've added yet another new feature that we're excited to share with you.
You can now transfer bookings from one experience to another.
Additional Info
For a long time now, we've had the ability to transfer bookings from one date or time to another. But ever since we released that feature, we've heard from you, our merchants, that you need to also be able to transfer across experiences.
It took us a while to decide how to approach this because one of the complexities that comes with transferring across experiences is the fact that experiences sometimes cost different amounts of money. We went back and forth on whether to handle that inside our app which would mean more work to manage refunds and extra charges but ultimately settled on just moving the inventory and letting you as the merchants decide how to reconcile the cost differences. At some point in the future we may still add the ability to refund or invoice customers while transferring but for now it just transfers the booking from one experience to the other.
The one caveat with this functionality that you should be aware of is that we currently have two types of experiences. One we refer to as "Legacy" and the other just as "Experiences". As the word legacy implies, these experiences while mostly behaving the same to you, are actually quite different under the hood. For this reason the transfer across experiences will only work to transfer to the same version of experience.
The good news is that we're also very close to getting all our legacy version experiences converted over to the new system which means very shortly this won't even be an issue.
As always, thanks for using Experiences App! If you have any questions you can always reach out to us using the chat bubble in your app or emailing us at hello@experiencesapp.com