Hello everyone!
Hopefully, you're all enjoying these updates. We're always excited to let you know about the things we've fixed, improved, and added.
Todays update is a quick as we just released a hot fix for a bug that affecting people using the "Allow customers to book while in progress".
Some more details
We introduced the "Allow customers to book while in progress" functionality shortly before releasing our new scheduler system. This functionality was originally just applied to our legacy schedule system and in bringing the two features sets together, we missed adding it to the new system.
This meant that merchants who were using the new scheduler (if you've created your experience after Dec 8, 2020 then you're using the new scheduler) and also allowing customers to book an experience if it was already in progress, weren't actually allowing customers to book.
This was seen in that those time slots that were in progress simply didn't appear in the booking form. This was relatively quick and easy to remedy once we were made aware of it and have confirmed that it's resolved the issue.
Moving Forward
While we can't promise bugs will never make it into production, we do consider issues like this beyond what should be expected and we moving forward we're looking in to ways in which we can do a better job catching these types of mistakes before they have in impact on your business.
As always if you have any questions or concerns please reach out using the intercom chat in your app or email us at hello@helpfulhuman.com