The One with Multi-Day

Hello everyone! Man it's been a long time since the last update. We have been hard at work making Experiences App an even better way to run your Experience business!
We're not going to try to go through every little detail of what we've done since the last update but we do want to highlight some of the exciting things we've been working on.
Multi-day Experiences
Yes this is what we're most excited for. We know many of you have been waiting eons for this functionality and we're excited to announce it's finally available for everyone. Because this was quite the undertaking and impacted every part of the application, we wanted to double and triple check that everything was working correctly. This is by far our most requested feature so far but it's also one of the most complex features we've released which is why we've written and recorded some pretty thorough tutorials on how to manage multi-day experiences. As people start to use the Multi-day scheduler and provide feedback, you can expect that we'll be doing our best to reduce complexity and improve the ease with which you can manage multi-day experiences. If you are interesting in getting start with multi-day experiences you can checkout the article here.
Proxy Page
Don't worry if you're not sure what a "Proxy Page" is. Essentially one of the issues that we've had since releasing Experiences app at the very beginning is that when we embed our booking form into the store front page for the shop, our app will inherit any cascading styles from your shop's theme. In many ways this is awesome because it means that our app can embed in your site and look like it's part of your theme and been there the whole time. We want Experiences App to fit flawlessly in to your shop and to stay on brand and on narrative with the experiences that you're offering. The down side of embedding the app in the theme files, however, is that if any of the styles that cascade down to our app mess around with layout, colors, functionality, or display, our embedded form can be rendered unusable. After lots of research and experimentation we found that the best way around this was to use Shopify's Proxy page functionality which allows us to embed a full page app outside of the theme files on your shop. This way the app still appears at your shop on your domain, but we don't run the risk of having our app's styles overwritten by theme styles. If you don't have the full page booking widget set up you can go in to your Experiences App Settings and change your "Default Template" to "Full Page" which will make use of the proxy page. One thing we lost in making this change is the ability for our app to stay in line with your theme's colors, font, style, etc. This is definitely very important to us so we're already discussing ways in which we can make the proxy page customizable to suit your shop's branding.
Minor fixes and improvements
Along with those to big features, we've made numerous improvements and quite a few minor bug fixes. Too many in fact to go into individually. App stability and ease of use is a huge priority for us as we understand that our app is a vital component to your experiential commerce business. The ideal is always to release perfectly working software 100% of the time that's easy to use. The reality is, we're not perfect and sometimes unexpected bugs make it past our tests. Furthermore, some times the things that are so clear to us when building it turns out to not be that clear to others. When this happens we do our best get bugs and improvements done as quickly as possible and then take the necessary steps to make sure that it never happens again. We are always available via the chat bubble if you ever need help or think you've found a bug so don't hesitate to reach out to us!
What's coming down the pipeline
We have a few exciting things we're working on now that aren't quite ready to release yet.
  • Transfer across experiences
    - This has been a big request. Up until now you've only been able to transfer attendees to different time slots on the same experience. With this additional feature you'll be able to choose not just a different time but also a different experience.
  • Link an experience to a collection of products
    - For many of you, your customers need to choose not just a date and time but also a corresponding product such as a workshop project, or class supplies. With this feature addition, you'll be able to choose or create a collection of regular products and our app will make sure that each attendee chooses a product from that collection before getting to the cart page.
Those are the two we're most excited about but there's plenty of other things in the works that we can't wait to get in your hands. We appreciate all of our merchants and love that you've chosen to use Experiences App as your partner in the experiential commerce industry. If you have any questions or issues please don't hesitate to reach out to us in the chat bubble in your app or email us at